Why a Wedding Videographer?

A videographer has traditionally been an after thought when planning a wedding. My inquiries usually come in under a year of the wedding date. Understandably, weddings can be expensive and couples don’t usually initially budget for a videographer. While a photographer is a must, there are things that a film can offer what photos just can’t. It is a perfect, and in my option, necessary addition to your vendor list. Here are some reasons why you should consider a wedding videographer.

It Shows You Things You Didn’t See

There is a lot going on during your wedding, and you likely have spent a lot of time planning and put your heart and soul into it. It goes by in a flash, and while pictures do an amazing job of capturing the day, there is nothing like seeing and hearing everything again (and again, and again!). We can’t go back and relive the day, but a film is the next best thing at doing just that. You won’t notice every detail the day of, and you won’t see everything that is going on. You only have one set of eyes; a videographer can be your second (and third!). Enjoy watching moments and guests, and of course, the two of you, from another perspective.

It Evokes Emotion

Remember home movies? There is something about watching how life was and what you and your family like when you were young. Watching memories and moments that can’t be captured by a photograph. The atmosphere, the joy, the laughs, the conversations and relationships… it brings you right back to those days and can evoke different feelings and emotions that you’ve forgotten about even more than just a family photo album can. That’s what a wedding film can do for you too.

It Let’s You Listen

Not only do you get to see things again in motion, but HEAR them again too. This is something that is truly unique and really separates films from photo galleries. For example, you can have photos of family giving toasts and speeches, but you likely won’t remember what they said. Some of my favorite moments come from speeches, because there is so much emotion, memory, and sentiment surrounding them. They are a huge part in telling your story.

It Allows You to Share

Especially in this past year, I’ve think we have learned a lot about what matters most. The wedding is more than just the ceremony, and while live streaming the ceremony to family is so nice, a full film lets loved ones experience the whole day almost as if they were there.