New Offering: Super 8 Films

I have been so excited to finally announce I am offering Super 8 footage!! Super 8 wedding videography is has been something I have been wanting to do and contemplating for over year now, and I finally took the leap.

What is Super 8?

Super 8 is a motion picture film format made in the 1960’s. At the time, its quality, frame size, and cost effectiveness is what made it so popular. 60 years later, this medium is still very much alive and well in today’s digital world. These cameras are no longer in production, so they only way to get your hand on one is to thrift, scour e-bay, or buy refurbished.

Why Super 8?

Maybe it’s the because of its imperfections that makes super 8 film so perfect. It transports us back in time, which brings us comfort and emulates that feeling of nostalgia that you get with watching an old home movie. Just like those old home videos, moments captured on super 8 film today will be tied with that same sentimental value. Film makes you feel, and while post production filters and effects can be so fun (I know, I’ve used them) it’s not the same as the real deal.

What do we get?

Now, you won’t get hours of footage with Super 8 (that would cost thousands of dollars in film!) but you will get a collection of a few minutes of footage. This is because super 8 film is pricey to buy and process at a lab, and each film roll (depending on how you shoot) will yield only about 3 minutes of footage. There is no pressing record and waiting for something to happen here – each shot must be carefully thought of and composed just right!

If you are wanting to add this amazing medium to your wedding packages, give me a shout!