Dance Floor Ideas for Your Wedding

In this blog post I’m going to be talking about my top dance floor ideas for your wedding and reception, so you can have an epic and unforgettable party that will also guarantee amazing footage and images!

The dance floor can be a dreaded time for photographers and videographers because surprisingly, more often than not, there isn’t much to capture. Everyone is standing off to the side talking, only the same four people are dancing, and the couple is no where to be found. Listen, its YOUR day, so you do exactly what you want! BUT, if you are wanting those fun, carefree dance floor and reception shots you see on instagram, here are my top tips to make that happen!

  1. Get on the dance floor in the first half hour

We know you’ll make it to the dance floor eventually, but we may be long gone by then. Grab your partner, your crew, and have a dance sesh right when the dance floor opens. This will guarantee you will have some shots of you on the dance floor, and not just of other people.

2. Use Props!

Another dance floor idea for your wedding is: Props!! Props on the dance floor have been trending and we are here for it! From party hats, to glow sticks, to face cut outs of your pets (I had two couples just this past year that did this and it was a hit!). These foam glow sticks have been especially popular!

dance floor ideas for your wedding

3. Get a Disco Ball

We are starting to see disco balls come back and for good reason – they create such a fun atmosphere and really cool visual effects. Whether you go for one large one, or several, they are sure to get people up and dancing.

4. Add other activities

It doesn’t have to be just dancing – A fun take on a garter toss is just doing it spontaneously in the middle of the dance floor!

or pop some champagne or have a champagne tower

dance floor ideas for your wedding

4. Have a dress change

I love when a bride has a reception dress change! Try having the DJ play a song when you come out or surprising your partner! Paige did a surprise dress change and surprised her husband with a dance moment and it was a highlight of the night – watch the reel here!

5. Lastly, mix it up with prompts

Getting away from the typical dancing shots, here are some prompts than can add fun and variety to your film and images.

  • Have your bridal party and/or guests make a “tunnel” for you to run though
  • Hold hands while dancing with your partner
  • Dance as a group towards the camera
  • Form a circle and takes turns dancing in the centre with other guests
  • Toss the bride or groom

Hope these dance floor ideas for your wedding gave you some ideas for your big day!

See you on the dance floor!

If you are looking for someone to capture those fun and unforgettable dance floor moments, give me a shout!