So glad you are here!

Hi, I’m CARLY!

Filmmaker, storyteller, introverted extrovert, nap enthusiast, and mom of two toddlers (IYKYK). I photographed my first wedding in 2013 with my mom's Canon Rebel camera while I was still in nursing school. I truly never would have thought I'd end up here!

Being a wedding videographer was never in my plan, but I'm so glad it's where I ended up. Running my business while raising my kids has been the most challenging and rewarding task, but I'm blessed to be able to now film weddings full time, all while staying home and raising my little family.

I believe in dreaming big, following your heart, never giving up on yourself, and doing what you love. What I love? Connecting with couples and telling their stories.

Filmmaker, storyteller, introverted extrovert, avid wine drinker, nap enthusiast, and mom of two toddlers


associate filmmaker

Jake's love for computer systems and technology slowly led him to his interest in film, and his ability to learn just about anything helped him transition into the wedding scene with ease. You can probably find him flying a drone, crafting gaming films, or working on a computer. He lives just outside of Kingston with his wife Sarah.